Moasure is Exhibiting at the UK Lawn Care Association Conference

The UK Lawn Care Association is holding its annual conference at Tewkesbury Park Hotel in Gloucestershire, on Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st January 2023 – and Moasure will be in attendance to show members what the Moasure ONE device can do.

The exclusive, intimate event is an immersive learning experience for all members of the Association; it not only provides the latest in industry news, activity, ideas and innovation, but also information on best-practice methods and useful business development skills, industry-leading speakers, and also the opportunity to speak to fellow lawn care professionals and industry-related sponsors, all in a beautiful setting.

With over 100 members and counting, the Association estimates that collectively, members are responsible for around a third of lawns treated in the UK, providing a great service and staying at the forefront of leading knowledge and techniques.

Aimed at the needs of time-poor outdoor professionals, Moasure ONE replaces traditional, error-prone measuring tools, allowing jobs to be estimated quickly and accurately. Moasure ONE is already making a huge impact in the lawn care industry by assisting professionals in many ways, from measuring up for brand-new lawns more efficiently, to calculating area for grass treatment and saving money on wasted materials.

Moasure ONE works by utilising accelerometers, gyroscopes and advanced, proprietary algorithms to measure its own movement, simply by moving the device from one point to another. It captures and measures area, perimeter and changes in elevation as it’s moved. 

There’s no need for phone signal or GPS as instead, the device uses Bluetooth technology, and measurements taken are drawn in real-time through Moasure’s companion smartphone app; this app allows users to view a comprehensive 3D diagram of a job site and easily transfer it into design software.

To find out where Moasure will be heading next, visit the Tradeshows & Events page right here.