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Moasure® ONE™

Moasure® ONE™

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Step into the future with Moasure ONE, an award-winning patented motion measurement device enabling you to measure complex spaces and areas. Through advanced inertial sensors, accelerometers and gyros, it captures X, Y, and Z (elevation) coordinates when the device is moved from one place to another. Seamlessly connected with the FREE Moasure app (via Bluetooth), measurements instantly come to life as dynamic visuals. Explore, edit and save measurements in the app or seamlessly export to your preferred CAD software at no additional cost.

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    Measure & draw simultaneously

    Effortlessly measure curves and free-form shapes. Simply trace along the edges of an area using Moasure ONE to digitally capture the shape and dimensions.

    Rapidly measure the perimeter and calculate the area of curved lawns, pools and other shapes and spaces – regular or irregular.

    Calculate elevation changes as you move

    Moasure captures three dimensional spaces with ease and allows you to review them on screen. It’s easy to calculate the gradient, rise and run or height difference between any two points.

    From measuring complex shapes like sloped lawns or steps, to calculating rise and run or assisting with topographical and flood surveys – difficult measuring is made easy with Moasure.

    Measure curved shapes & areas

    At last, rapidly measure up curved lawns, pools or any free-form curved line. Moasure’s game-changing technology allows you to simply trace along a curved line using Moasure ONE to digitally and automatically calculate the area and perimeter or irregular shapes and spaces like driveways or yards.

    Once the measurement is complete, you can view a detailed drawing of the shape, in 2D or 3D, on your smartphone or tablet.

    Measure multiple areas in one

    Measure multiple shapes relative to each other – all in one, single measurement.

    This new and powerful feature, called Layers, enables you to measure shapes, or Layers, within an area and produce a comprehensive on-screen diagram of all Layers – all positioned relative to each other.

    Measure around obstacles, without line of sight

    Moasure ONE's advanced motion-measuring technology enables you to rapidly take measurements regardless of obstructions such as rising ground, large bushes or trees.

    Simply moving around an obstacle and utilising Moasure's Ignore Point feature displays a complete measurement as if the obstacle was never there.

    NEW Measure 3D Terrain & Calculate Volume

    Moasure ONE enables you to rapidly capture a 3D terrain map of your site, and instantly visualise it, using the new contour view. Switch from a 2D contour view to a 3D terrain map and see the 3D true surface area.You can also effortlessly calculate the Cut & Fill, making earthwork projects more efficient and profitable. Whilst the ‘Add Depth’ tool allows you to add custom depth and calculate the required volume of material for a site.

    Export Measurement Drawings & Data

    Share measurements with colleagues or send them straight to your favourite design software – at no additional cost.

    Export to PDF - Automatically generate a comprehensive PDF document of your measurement, including a diagram of the measured shape and corresponding measurements for each edge, as well as elevation data for each captured point.

    PDFs are scaled - choose from ‘Scale to Fit’ or select a custom scale ranging from a precise 1:1 ratio all the way up to 1:500. PDFs include a full-page grid, a scale bar, and clearer dimensions and labels to bring your measurements to life with clarity and precision. Moasure supports a wide range of paper size options, including A0 to A4, as well as engineering paper sizes such as ANSI C to E. 

    Export to DXF (AutoCAD/DWG Compatible) - Export 2D or 3D DXF files, which can be opened in all popular CAD applications such as AutoCAD, SketchUp, VectorWorks and ArcSite.

    Export to CSV - Export coordinate data as a CSV file. CSV files can be used for many CAD applications. The CSV file displays the measurements X, Y and Z values.

    Take full control over how your measurements are exported in CSV format with our fully configurable settings. You can select the exact data you need to export, letting you decide which measurement data you are exporting. 

    Export to Image - You can also export your measurements in image formats including PNG, JPG and as transparent SVG.

    How Moasure works

    It really is rocket science!

    Moasure uses the same technologies that are used in rocket guidance systems to keep track of the rocket’s movement in space.

    Moasure’s patented technology uses motion to take measurements, leveraging inertial sensors and a proprietary algorithm to deliver an innovative new way to measure.

    Moasure ONE takes more than 500 sensor measurements every second as you move. Measuring its own movement in three dimensions, Moasure ONE knows its own position in 3D space doesn't rely on GPS, phone signal or daylight, making it easy to single-handedly measure distance, perimeter, area, changes in elevation and more – at any time, in any place.

    Moasure's dependable technology enables contractors to drop error-prone measuring methods and replace traditional tools with the one tool that does it all.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 990 reviews
    Ian V.
    So much from such a little device

    As a sole trader business, I'm always looking for affordable time saving solutions to help improve my service. I'm a Building designer so not exactly the target market for this product however it excels in taking site measurements for renovation projects. No more crawling through overgrown gardens or up/down retaining walls to measure the location of structures. I can plot fence lines, house outlines, edge of bitumen and items like pole poles and sewer lids all in 3D then import it right to my drawing program. It's also great for taking site contours for new and existing builds to help during the design phase. It's a bit of a learning curve to get the measurement taking procedure just right but once you do, the possibilities are almost limitless. No more carrying around a laser level, tripod and staff, this is one compact little unit which I now take to every site meeting.

    Super accurate timesaver

    At T:CON GOLD COAST we specialise in the highest quality luxury homes. We had to finalise the measurements of a 750m2 forecourt on our recent project. It has curved patterns in exposed aggregate concrete and crazy pave stone. The stonemason and the concretor could not come up with the same quantities. They had tried the phone based apps but never got the same result twice. MOASURE solved it easily and accurately. No arguments anymore. Now we use it regularly for site measures both internal and external, concrete quantities and earthworks. A real timesaver. Every trade should have one.

    Bruce Lowe

    I am very pleased with my Moasure ! I use it regularly to get site information. It really saves time and money and I have found it to be quite accurate. The
    Moasure company has been very helpful in answering questions and giving assistance and informational videos. The product, packaging, follow up and everything has been well thought out and is a great addition to the work I do.

    Jason Wileman
    Not just a perceived value!

    We own a property inspection company and purchased this tool to provide additional detail regarding grade/slope of properties. The feedback from clients has been exceptional! Providing clients with a 3D model of their land, as well as a topo style 2D layout really sets our company apart. Highly recommend this tool to anyone who needs to know what the gound looks like on paper!!

    Dante Gonzalez
    Game changer

    I'm absolutely thrilled with the product; it's a real game-changer in terms of saving time. However, I did find the app's layout a bit challenging, particularly in organizing the layouts. An update in this area would greatly enhance the user experience. Moreover, achieving full layouts in a single go, rather than having to split them, would be a significant improvement, especially in confined spaces. In such areas, when making multiple turns in quick succession, the lines can become a bit jumbled. Nevertheless, with a bit of patience, I managed to complete my measurements with only minimal issues.

    One feature I would strongly recommend adding is USB-C port charging for added convenience. Despite encountering a few challenges, I completed my floor and trim layouts much faster and more accurately than I could have with traditional methods. These benefits definitely outweigh the minor issues, ensuring that I'll continue to use this innovative tool.

    Joe Travis
    Amazing labor saving device - We even used it inside of a multi-story building!

    I have seen and wanted one of these for a couple of years now. Lucky for me we just purchased one for work and it has already saved so much time. We have a multi-story building with a failing slab and we tried to use the Moasure One inside - IT WORKED!

    Not only did it work but, it was able to measure the drop of the slab from one side of the space to the other. Oh, Did I say we were inside?

    I am blown away.

    Jack Hasche
    Buy it!

    I was on the fence about buying a Moasure ONE for quite some time. I contacted the team about a year ago, and asked if they had volume calculation. They responded swiftly and said they did not at this time, but they were working on it and would let me know when it was complete! I was very surprised when they actually emailed me back a few months later and said that volume calculations now a feature. I bought one immediately and am loving it. I am a Dirtwork contractor and this tool has been such a useful asset to my business. It makes quoting jobs a breeze. Also, I have been using Moasure to make maps of utilities for customers. I simply point to point measure, then overlay a screenshot of the area from google maps. The customers have been very impressed that I have that capability. The uses of Moasure one are endless, and for anyone on the fence about buying one, just do it. You will not regret it.

    Drew Wingate
    Cajun Fence - Mosaure

    So we do mostly fence work. I've come to love Moasure and the experience they offer. I no longer have to hand draw a fence line. It's all in Moasure, all saved into specific document folders that you are allowed to create. Best part about it, is that it's a one time fee as well! No monthly subscriptions! Thanks for being awesome Moasure!

    Moasure® ONE FAQs

    99.5% for single dimension measurements. For example, a 4m length +/- 2cm

    97-98% for area and volume measurements, shape dependant. For example, a 16m2 room would be +/- 0.3m2

    This makes Moasure ONE ideal for measuring for estimates and quoting e.g. for landscaping, artificial grass, garden design, paving, concreting, pool construction, playgrounds and recreation, sports courts, construction, excavation – and many other industries.

    There isn't a fixed limit to the distance you can measure with Moasure; instead there is a physical limit to the amount of time you can measure in a single measurement. This is determined by the available memory on your smartphone or tablet.

    As this varies from phone to phone, we quote a “safe” maximum distance of 300m (1000ft) and a largest area of 10,000 sq. m (100,000 sq. ft.), to remain well within the memory limit of almost any smartphone. Having said that, we know customers who have measured a distance of 770m (2,500ft) and area of more than 25,000 sq. m or 6.2 acres (269,000 sq. ft.).

    No, there are no ongoing costs or subscription fees.

    Previously, exporting measurements was subject to a small monthly fee. However, following Moasure customer feedback, this monthly fee was removed.

    The Moasure app, used in conjunction with the Moasure ONE device, is completely free and this includes future updates and new features.

    Moasure leverages its patented motion measuring technology. It puts in your hands one tool that can measure any distance, height, width, level, angle or incline. All you need to do is move and tap.

    As you touch down from one point to another Moasure plots each position and calculates all the relevant measurements at the same time. So, if you take a straight-line measurement from one wall to another, Moasure will calculate the A to B measurement, but it will also be able to calculate the difference in height, level or angle between the two points.

    Intelligent Measuring

    Moasure is an incredibly smart measure, working powerfully with all the data it collects. Touch the diagonal corners of a room and Moasure will produce length and width measurements and calculate the 2D area of the room all at the same time. It can just as simply calculate 3D measurements and volume of any object whether that’s a box for packing or a round table or piece of furniture to put in storage.

    Moasure can also adjust measurements to ignore obstacles, so if you need to move around furniture or move through doors to get from one room to another, it will measure as if the obstacles and walls are not there. Moasure can also adjust measurements if you cannot reach in a straight line across a room.

    We think motion measuring will change the way we think about measurement.

    The Technology Behind Moasure

    Moasure uses the same technologies that are used in rocket guidance systems to keep track of the rocket’s movement in space. Moasure uses the same principles with accelerometers, gyros and magnetometers plotting its position in 3D space, measuring g-force and rotation and taking account of the gravitational changes with altitude and latitude.

    Moasure takes more than 500 sensor measurements every second as you move. Complex software algorithms process this data and calculate how far Moasure has been moved and rotated

    As Moasure plots and measures at the same time, all you need to do is move and Moasure will track its position from point to point and give you the measurement. This means it is as easy to measure across a room from one wall to another, as it is the whole length of a garden; and as easy to measure a flat surface as it is a curved wall or a cylinder or something irregular like a run of pipe round the wall of the house.

    Yes, you can choose to display measurements in either metric or imperial units from within the Moasure smartphone/tablet app.

    You can save even more time designing or quoting jobs and projects by exporting your measurements - directly from Moasure's companion app, at no additional cost.

    Export any of your measurements and drawings from the app in any of the following formats:

    • PDF – export 2D and 3D drawings and measurements
    • PNG – export an image file of drawings and measurements
    • DXF – export 2D and 3D files (compatible with popular CAD programs like AutoCAD, SketchUp and Vectorworks)
    • CSV – export coordinate data
    • SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic)

    Yes, Moasure ONE can be used to measure up and create floor plans. We would recommend measuring individual rooms separately or the whole exterior footprint with your Moasure ONE device.

    Measuring out a whole floor, with individual and dividing rooms in one measurement period, in theory, is possible, but in practice very difficult as it requires significant 'route' planning and any errors during the measurement, will mean starting from the very beginning.

    For now, it would be best to measure each individual room and then seam them together using CAD (or similar) software.

    Moasure ONE requires your smartphone or tablet to have at least Bluetooth 5.0 and is compatible with most devices that have the following operating systems: Apple iOS 12.4 and higher, Android OS 9.0 and higher.

    Operating Temp: -10C to +50C (14F to 122F)
    Storage Temp: -20C to +70C (-4F to 158F)
    Shock:Survives 2m drop on to concrete
    Sealing: Sealed to IP67 - water-resistant
    Certification: CE certified
    Battery Type: Lithium Polymer
    No of Measurements: 4-5 Hours Continuous Measuring
    Recharge Method: Via USB (cable supplied)
    Recharge time: 2-3 Hours

    Package Contents:

    • Moasure® ONE™
    • Moasure Protective Belt Pouch
    • Micro USB Charging Cable
    • Quick Start Guide

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    • Moasure ONE

      £399 excl. VAT

    • Moasure STICK

      £65 excl. VAT

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    30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

    If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied. If you would like to return your Moasure ONE, simply keep your original product packaging and accessories and ensure the device is in sellable condition (we know you have to use it). Get in touch with us to return the product within 30 days from purchase.