Moasure Ranked 9th in UK’s Best Workplaces for Development™ 2024 (Small)

Global authority on workplace culture, Great Place To Work®, have recently recognised Moasure as one of the top 10 UK’s Best Workplaces for Development (Small) in 2024. The brand new workplace accreditation comes soon after Moasure was ranked 3rd in the UK’s Best Workplaces™ (SME) 2024, underscoring a continued dedication to their thriving workplace environment and focus on positive employee culture. 

Luciana Barchet, Senior Consultant at Great Place To Work UK, notes that “These workplaces offer employees the chance to better themselves, to learn new skills, and to progress within the organisation. They understand that employee development is not one-size fits all, and they actively support every single employee to undertake their own tailored journey of growth.”

“Because of this, their people are fuelled by a sense of purpose, feel valued by their employer, and give of their best to the organisation. In turn, organisations themselves reap the many rewards of a thriving, engaged workforce.”

This recognition assesses companies against the Development Index, and is grouped into four key essential areas which promote professional growth and development: 

  • Development Essentials: employees are offered training and equipment to further themselves professionally.
  • Management Behaviour Essentials: promotions are given to those who deserve them, avoiding management favouritism. 
  • Empowerment Essentials: management trusts people to do a good job without watching over their shoulders, offers them a lot of responsibility and recognises honest mistakes as part of doing business. 
  • Recognition Essentials: appreciating people who try new and better ways of operating, ensuring everyone has an opportunity to get special recognition and management show appreciation for good work and extra effort. 

Moasure’s impressive ranking at 9th further highlights its unwavering commitment to fostering an admirable employee culture, providing professional development opportunities and overall employee engagement and satisfaction. As a result of their dedication, 100% of employees agreed that Moasure is a great place to work, in comparison to just 54% of an average UK-based company. 

As Moasure continues to grow rapidly, evolve and innovate, they will ensure their workplace culture, company values and professional opportunities continue to flourish across all areas of the business accordingly.