Success at Moasure’s first Canadian trade show, Landscape Ontario Congress

From 10th-12th January 2023, the Moasure® ONE™ device was attracting attention in Canada, at the 50th Anniversary of Landscape Ontario Congress.

Held at the Toronto Congress Centre, Landscape Ontario Congress is Canada's largest and longest-running trade show and conference for landscape professionals. With over 400 exhibitors covering more than eight acres, this fantastic show is a one-stop shop for the latest equipment, tools, materials and supplies, bringing together everything landscapers need to do what they do best.

One of those exhibitors was none other than Moasure, giving demonstrations of the Moasure ONE device for the first time ever in Canada. The stand was visited by new and existing customers, and the Moasure team had the opportunity to get the word out about the brand’s revolutionary technology that’s taking the landscaping world by storm, perform demo after demo, and showcase upcoming features.

Moasure ONE offers a new way to measure complex spaces, and is already the tool of choice for many professionals to rapidly calculate area and measure changes in elevation.

It works without phone signal or GPS, measuring with accelerometers, gyroscopes and algorithms, and Bluetooth technology enables measurements to be drawn in real time through Moasure PRO, the device’s companion app – this gives the user a comprehensive 3D diagram of a job site. Completed diagrams can be transferred from Moasure PRO into design software, quickly and easily, free of charge.

Helping time-poor professionals to make the most of every minute, Moasure ONE replaces traditional, error-prone measuring tools, allowing experts in industries such as landscaping, construction, sports, lawn care, playground design and concrete, to quickly and accurately estimate jobs.

Although Landscape Ontario Congress was Moasure’s first Canadian show, it most certainly won’t be the last.

Throughout 2023, award-winning Moasure can be found exhibiting at several international events, demonstrating the unique motion-measuring Moasure ONE tool to thousands of professionals across a variety of industries. See where the Moasure team is heading off to next, right here.

If you can’t wait until the next trade show Moasure will be at and want to learn more about the Moasure ONE device right now, click here.